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Name: Rainbow


NAME: Rainbow
BUILT: 2004, Japan - IHI Marine United Inc, Yokohama Shipyard
TYPE: Bulkcarrier, IHI Design Name - 'THE FUTURE-52'
CLASS: "Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK), Class notation NS *, Bulk Carriers, BC-B, MNS*, ESP, MO"
FLAG: Hong Kong
NOTE: "Strengthened for the carriage of heavy cargoes, No.s 2 and 4 holds may be empty HEAD OWNERS - ARIA INC.

Summer SW 52,050 mts @ 12.291 m extreme. / tpc 54.86 mt
Winter SW 50,653 mts @ 12.036 m extreme / tpc 54.73 mt
Tropical SW 53,451 mts @ 12.546 m extreme / tpc 54.97 mt

LOA/LBP 189.96 m. / 181.00 m
Breadth (moulded) 32.20 m. Depth (moulded) - 17.30 m.
Design Draft 10.70 m. Scantling Draft extreme (at summer) - 12.291m.

(International 1969): 29,407 / 17,314
Suez Canal : 30,413.99 / 27,036.81
Panama Canal NT : 24,418

Main engine SULZER 6RTA48T-B
MCR 8,100 kW (11,013 PS) at approx. 118.0 rpm
NOR 6,885 kW ( 9,361 PS) at approx. 111.8 rpm

Speed/Consumption At Sea
BALLAST - Abt 14.00 knots on abt 28.5 mts IFO (380) including auxiliaries+ 0.1mts ULSMGO
LADEN - Abt 13.50 knots on abt 28.5 mts IFO (380) including auxiliaries+ 0.1mts ULSMGO

ECO Without Guarantee
BALLAST - Abt 13.00 knots on abt 25mts IFO (380) including auxiliaries + 0.1mts ULSMGO
LADEN - Abt 12.50 knots on abt 25mts IFO (380) including auxiliaries + 0.1mts ULSMGO

As an indication only: abt 12.5 knots Laden/abt 13.0 knots Ballast on abt 25mt without guarantee

Vessel burns ULSMGO when manoeuvring, in confined waters and for starting d/gens or low load and incinerator.

Consumption in port:
When idle - abt 2.5 tonnes IFO + 0.2mts ULSMGO
When working - abt 4.90 tonnes IFO (basis 24 hrs working) + 0.2mts ULSMGO

CUBIC CAPACITIES: Total 65,181.3 CBM grain, 62,555.4 CBM bale
(Note: above bale capacity is calculated basis of 600 x 600 x 600 mm bale cargo)

5 holds/5 hatches
Hatch covers: 4 panels per hatch, end folding type, double skin, hydraulic cylinder operated.
Uniform Strengths: (Homogeneous cargo loading conditions)
Tanktops local strength:
No. 1 hold 30.0 mt/sq.m.
No. 3 hold 28.4 mt/sq.m,
No. 5 hold 28.4 mt/sq.m.,
Nos 2 & 4 holds 25.1 mt/sq.m.
M/Deck : 3.70 mt/sq.m (excluding cross-decks)
Hatch Covers : 1) 3.00 tonnes/sq.m. 2-5) 1.75 mt/sq.m.
No cargo to be loaded/stowed on mdeck and hatch covers.

Holds' tank-top dimensions, excluding lower stools, bulkhead corrugations etc(all figures approx only wog)
Hold No. 1: Length 27.2 m, Width aft bulkhead 23.8 m, fwd bulkhead 6.8 m, width at middle length of the hold 17.0 m Hold Nos 2 & 3: Length 27.2 m, Width 23.8 m. Hold No. 4: Length 28.0 m. Width 23.8 m. Hold No. 5: Length 28.0m, Width at aft bulkhead 10.2m, at fwd bulkhead 23.8 m, width at middle length of the hold 19.2 m.
Hatch opening: H#1 :17.6 m. (L) x 17.0 m. (W) / H# 20.0 m. (L) x 17.0 m.(W)

Cargo Gear:
4 units electro/hydraulic deck cranes each 30 tonnes SWL,
Working radius at swl 30mt 26 mtrs, Maxiumum clear outreach 9.87mtrs.
Cranes capable of use in grab operation. When cranes on grab or on skip/bucket duty maximum gross lifting limited to 24mt (ttl weight of grab or skip/bucket and cargo). No more than 1 ship's crane to be worked simultaneously at a hatch. Vessel's cranes designed and class approved to operate within the designated capacities/parameters
(for further details refer to makers' instruction manual) only in a harbour or sheltered waters environment with no significant movement of the ship due to wave action, nor any relative movement between crane/grab and cargo if loading/discharging into/from barges, transhipment or similar environmental conditions to be less than beaufort force 2 , sea state 1.-

Ambient temperature for cranes operation: -10degrees C to +40degrees C.

Grabs: 4 units X 12.5 cbm peiner electro hydraulic (Adjustable to 6.0 to12.5 maximum capacity - with max cgo density 2.5mt/cbmt)

hfo 1,664mt(including settling tanks), based on tanks 90% full and SG of fuel 0.935 ULSMGO 175 mtons (based on tanks 90% full and SG of ULSMGO 0.86)
Ballast capacity: excluding floodable H#3 - 15,447.2 cu.m (floodable H#3 capacity - 13,578.8 cu.m)
Fresh water capacity: 354 cu m.


Natural Holds' ventilation
Cement holes per hold: 3 (diameter: 700 mm)
Co2 fitted in holds
Aussie hold ladder fitted
No. 3 hold can be ballasted

All details given on approximate basis and without guarantee, for more detail please contact