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Name: Elsa


IMO: 9711420
MMSI: 538006273
BUILT: 2015 , Nacks-Kawasaki Shipyard, Nantong, China
TYPE: Geared Bulkcarrier
CLASS: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK), Class notation : NK, NS *(CSR ,BC-A,BC-XII,GRAB 20, PSPC-WBT) (ESP) (IWS) (PSCM) MNS* (MO).
FLAG: Marshall Islands
NOTE: Strengthened for the carriage of heavy cargoes, Holds nos 2 & 4 may be empty.

Summer DW 61,612 mtons @ 13.026 mtrs draft extreme tpc abt 60.3mt

LOA/LBP : 199.90 m. / 197.00 m
Breadth (moulded) : 32.24 m.
Depth (moulded) : 18.60 m
GT : 34,619
NT : 20,170
Suez Canal : gross about 35,400 / net about 32,270
Panama Canal NT : about 28,675
Main engine:
MAN B&W 6S50ME- B9.3 - TII MCO 8,130 KW

Speed/Consumption at Sea:
About 14 knots on about 29 mts laden and on about 26.0 Ballast Ecospeed/Consumption without guarantee
About 13 knots on about 24 mts laden and on about 22 mts Ballast
Vessel burns MGO when manoeuvring in confined waters , for incinerator and for starting d/gens or low d/g load.

Consumption in port:
-When idle - abt 2.2mt HFO 380cst + abt 0.5mt mgo -
-When working - abt 5.0mt HFO 380cst + abt 0.5mt mgo (basis 24 hrs working).

Holds Cubic Capacities:
Grain : abt 77,546 cbmtrs
Bale : abt 74,157 cbmtrs
Holds/Hatches: 5 holds/5 hatches,
Hatch covers 4 panels per hatch,end folding, double skin-hydraulic cylinder operated
Uniform Strengths in mt/sqmtr : ( Homogeneous cargo type loading conditions) Tanktops local strength: Holds nos 1 & 5 = 23.00 Hold no 2 =16.50 , Hold no 3 24.50.-
Main deck: (excluding cross-decks)
Hatch Cover: Hatch 1= abt , Hatches 2-3-4-5 :abt
No cargo to be loaded/stowed on mdeck and hatch covers.

HOLDS AND HATCHES (dimensions):
Holds' tank-top dimensions, excluding lower stools, bulkhead corrugations etc.(abt-wog)

Hold No 1 Length 29.37m, Width fwd 10.20 m, mid 20.00m, aft 23.88m Hold Nos 2 &4 Length 28.80m, Width 23.88m
Hold No 3 Length 26.70 m, Width 23.88
Hold No 5 Length 26.79 m, Width fwd 23.88 , mid 20,00 , aft 8.1 mtr
Hatch 1 opening: 18.69m (L) x 18.60 m (W), Hatches 2-5 opening: 21.36 (L) x 18.60 m.(W)

Cargo Gear:
4 units electro/hydraulic deck cranes each 30.5 tonnes SWL, Working radius at swl 30.5 mt 28 mtrs at jib angle of 25 degrees , Maximum clear outreach abt 11.80mtrs.
Cranes capable of use in grab operation. When cranes on grab or skips duty maximum gross lifting to be limited to 24mt(ttl weight of grab/skip and cargo).
No more than 1 ship's crane to be worked simultaneously at a hatch. Owners will not supply crane men from crew.
Vessel's cranes designed and class approved to operate within the designated capacities/parameters(for further details refer to makers' instruction manual) only in a harbour or sheltered waters environment with no significant movement of the ship due to wave action, nor any relative movement between crane/grab and cargo if loading/discharging into/from barges, transhipment or similar environmental conditions to be less than Beaufort force 2,Douglas sea state 1. Ambient temperature for cranes operation:-10 to + 40degrees C.

Grabs: 4 X 12.5 cbm , electro-hydraulic grabs (adjustable from 6.0 to 12.5 cbmtr capacity - max cgo density 2.5mt/cbmt) suitable for bulk cargoes with material grain size min 2.00mm - max 50.00mm
-HFO : abt 1,696 mt bss 90 pct capacity
-MGO : abt 113 mt bss 90 pct capacity
-FW : abt 319 mt
-BALLAST : Light ballast about 18,705 mt / heavy ballast about 34,792 mt including ballasting Hold #3

-Natural ventilation
-Grain Feeder holes and Cement holes per hold: 2 (diameter 700 mm) and 2 (diameter 400 mm)
-Co2 fitted in holds
-Aussie holds ladder fitted
-Hold nbr 3 can be ballasted

All details given on approximate basis and without guarantee, for more detail please contact