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Name: Anita N


Call Sign: V7RR5
IMO Nbr: 9554030
Type: Dry Bulkcarrier, Dolphin 58, Built: 2010 January, China Changliang National Shipping Jinling Shipyard - Nanjing (Hull Nr JLZ 070424)
Flag : Marshall Islands
Class: BUREAU VERITAS, Class notation I *HULL * MACH Bulk carrier CSR BC-A (Holds No.2,4 may be empty) ESP GRAB [20] Unrestricted navigation * VeriSTAR-HULL; *AUT-UMS; MON-SHAFT; INWATERSURVEY

Summer SW 56,734.6 mts @ 12.800 m moulded / tpc 58.80 mt
Winter SW 55,163.9 mts @ 12.533 m moulded / tpc 58.70 mt
Tropical SW 58,307.9 mts @ 13.067 m moulded / tpc 58.90 mt

LOA/LBP: 189.99 m / 185.00 m
Breadth (moulded) 32.26 m. Depth (moulded) - 18.00 m.

(International 1969): 33,044 / 19,231
Suez Canal : 33,919.94 / 31,284.96
Panama Canal NT : 27,390

Main engine MAN-B&W 6S50MC-C (MK – 7) 1 set
MCR 9,840 kW

Speed/Consumption at Sea
BALLAST - Abt 14 knots on abt 30.5mts IFO including auxiliaries + 0.2mts ULSMGO
LADEN - Abt 14 knots on abt 32.5mts IFO including auxiliaries + 0.2mts ULSMGO

ECO Without Guarantee
BALLAST - Abt 12.5 knots on abt 24.5mts IFO including auxiliaries + 0.2mts ULSMGO
LADEN - Abt 12.5 knots on abt 26mts IFO including auxiliaries + 0.2mts ULSMGO

Vessel burns ULSMGO when manoeuvring in confined waters and for starting d/gens or low load and incinerator.

Speed consumption figures basis summer draft, ekeel, under good weather conditions up to max Beaufort Force 4 and/or Douglas Sea State 3 with wave and or swell sign height up to 1.25mtrs and no adverse influence of currents/swell.

It is explicitly understood that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, no warranty applies to condition exceeding b4 and dss 3, currents , seabuoy to seabuoy on voyages less than 48hrs and 24hrs after cosp/prior eosp excluding canals, narrow/restricted/tidal affected waters and due to reasons of safety, or poor visibility etc., periods when the speed is reduced due to chrtrs' instructions . For the purpose of evaluating vessel's performance under this charter party it is agreed that all days where the weather exceed Beaufort force 4 and/or Douglas sea state 3 (wave/swell sign height up to 1.25mtrs) and adverse currents are expressly excluded from the calculations.-

The speed so described is on an average basis taken over the entire charter period, including ballast voyages provided no bottom fouling due to immobilization for 20 or more days in port(s) or anchorage(s)

Vessel has the liberty of steaming at slow speed or stop/being idle for the purposes of ballast exchange if required. Cost of chemicals for ballast treatment if required and any loss of speed/time to be for chrtrs a/c

Consumption in port:
When idle - abt 2.0MT IFO 380CST+0.20 MT ULSMGO /day
When working - abt 5.0 MT IFO 380 CST + 1.00 MT ULSMGO /day (basis 24 hrs working)

Fuel Quality
Charterers undertake to supply only fuel and diesel/gasoil complying with current ISO specifications at the time of supply.
IFO - 380 Centistoke ISO 8217:2010 (E) RMG 380
Ultra Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (ULSMGO) with max sulphur 0.1% grade DMZ 8217:2010

Same to be free of any - all waste automotive lubricants or waste chemicals.
Minimum FIA/100 20 ECN (IP541)
Hfo must be compatible for blending and bunkers purchased/supplied in different lots must be segregated - see also bunker quality clause

CUBIC CAPACITIES: Total 71634.10 CBM grain,
HOLD 1: 13,009.86 CBM
HOLD 2: 15,333.25 CBM
HOLD 3: 14,553.08 CBM
HOLD 4: 15,333.27 CBM
HOLD 5: 13,404.64 CBM
TTL : 71, 634.10 CBM

5 holds/5 hatches
Hatch covers: 4 panels per hatch, end folding type, double skin, hydraulic cylinder operated.

Hatch opening: H#1: 18.86 m (L) x 18.26 m (W)
H# 21.32 m (L) x 18.26 m (W)

Holds Dimensions:
Hold No. 1: L27.88 m X B 32.26 m X H 16.76 m
Hold No. 2: L31.16 m X B 32.26 m X H 16.72 m
Hold No. 3: L29.52 m X B 32.26 m X H 16.72 m
Hold No. 4: L31.16 m X B 32.26 m X H 16.72 m
Hold No. 5: L29.52 m X B 32.26 m X H 16.72 m

Holds' tank-top dimensions, excluding lower stools, bulkhead corrugations etc(all figures approx only wog)

Hold No.1: Length 27.75m Width aft bulkhead 23.73 m, fwd bulkhead 10.54 m
Hold No.2: Length 28.58 m, Width 23.73 m.
Hold No.3: Length 26.95 m. Width 23.73 m.
Hold No.4: Length 28.62 m, Width 23.73 m.
Hold No.5: Length 26.95m, Width at aft bulkhead 8.90m,at fwd bulkhead 23.73m

Cargo Gear:
4 units electro/hydraulic deck cranes each 30 tonnes SWL,
Working radius at swl 30mt 20m. Maximum clear outreach 11.00mtrs. Cranes capable of use in grab operation. When cranes on grab or on skip/bucket duty maximum gross lifting limited to 24mt (ttl weight of grab or skip/bucket and cargo). No more than 1 ship's crane to be worked simultaneously at a hatch. Owners will not supply crane men from crew.
Vessel's cranes designed and class approved to operate within the designated capacities/parameters
(for further details refer to makers' instruction manual) only in a harbour or sheltered waters environment with no significant movement of the ship due to wave action, nor any relative movement between crane/grab and cargo if loading/discharging into/from barges, transhipment or similar environmental conditions to be less than beaufort force 2 , sea state 1.-
Ambient temperature for cranes operation: -10degrees C to +40degrees C.

Grabs: 4 X 12.5 cbm peiner electro hydraulic
(adjustable to 6.0 to 12.5 maximum capacity - max cgo density 2.5mt/cbmt)
suitable for bulk cargoes with material grain size min 1.00mm - max 50.00mm

When the vsl calls at port or terminal where required mooring ropes in addition and/or of different specification from what the vessel has onboard same to be supplied and/or hired at chrtrs cost/time

Tank capacities:
HFO basis 90 pct capacity: 1,852 cbm / abt 1,815mt (bss sg 0.98 mt/cbmtr)
ULSMGO basis 90 pct capacity: 312 cbm / abt 268 mt (bss sg 0.86 mt/cbmtr)
Ballast capacity: excl.floodable H#3-16,333.65cbm(floodable H#3 capacity–14,553.1 cbm)

Fresh water capacity: 465 M3 BSS 100%
Constants: 450 MT excluding fresh water / unpumpables
Uniform Strengths: (Homogeneous cargo loading conditions)
Tanktops local strength:
No. 1 hold 25.0 mt/sq.m.
No. 3 hold 25.0 mt/sq.m,
No. 5 hold 25.0 mt/sq.m.,
Nos 2 & 4 holds 20.0 mt/sq.m.
No cargo to be loaded/stowed on mdeck and hatch covers.

Other fittings:
Natural Holds' ventilation
Co2 fitted in holds
Aussie hold ladder fitted
No. 3 hold can be ballasted

For all steel coil loading owners to be contacted for approval with regards to vessel's strength, intake, and final stowage plan. No California (vertical) block stow for Steel Plates/Slabs etc.

Distance form water line to top of hatch coaming iwo hatch#3
a) In normal ballast condition (exclude ch No.3): 14.96m
b) In heavy ballast condition (including ch No.3): 12.30m

All details about, given in good faith and without guarantee