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Name: Rhodes VI


Vessel's name : RHODES VI
Call Sign : V7UE2
IMO Nbr : 9472282
MMSI nbr : 538001529
Type : Bulk carrier (Cape size)
Built : 2009, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., China
Flag : Marshall Islands
Class : DNV-GL, Class notation : 1A1 Bulk carrier ESP BC-A E0 GRAB [25 t] HOLDS (2,4,6,8)
Deadweight/draft :
Summer DW 178032.0 mtons @ 18.322 mtrs draft extreme tpc abt 120.6 mt
Tropical DW 182617.0 mtons @ 18.703 mtrs draft extreme tpc abt 120.8 mt
Winter DW 173434.0 mtons @ 17.941 mtrs draft extreme tpc abt 120.4 mt
LOA/LBP : 292.00 m. / 282.00 m
Breadth (moulded) : 45.00 m
Depth (moulded) : 24.80 m
GT : 91.373 t
NT : 58.745 t
Suez Canal : gross 92.610 / net 86.669
Panama Canal NT : N/A
Main engine: Man-B&W / 6S70MC (MK6), MCR 16,860 Kw/NCR 14331 KW
Speed/Consumption at Sea:
Laden : about 14.0 kts on about HFO 64 mts
Ballast: about 14.5 kts on about HFO 60 mts
Ecospeed/Consumption wog
Laden : about 11.0 kts on about HFO 45 mts
Ballast: about 11.5 kts on about HFO 46 mts
Vessel burns MGO when manoeuvring in confined waters , for incinerator and for starting d/gens or low d/g load.
Speed consumption figures based on summer draft (for laden condition), ekeel, under good weather conditions up to max Beaufort Force 4 and/or Douglas Sea State 3 with wave or swell height up to 1.25mtrs and no adverse influence of currents/swell.
It is explicitly understood that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, no warranty applies to condition exceeding b4 and dss 3, currents, sea buoy to sea buoy on voyages less than 48hrs and 24hrs after cosp/prior eosp excluding canals, narrow/restricted/tidal affected waters and due to reasons of safety, or poor visibility, or ballast exchange etc., periods when the speed is reduced due to chrtrs' instructions. For the purpose of evaluating vessel's performance under this charter party it is agreed that all days where the weather exceed Beaufort force 4 and/or Douglas sea state 3 (wave or swell height up to 1.25mtrs) and adverse influence of currents are expressly excluded from the calculations.-
The speed and consumption so described is on an average basis taken over the entire charter period, including ballast voyages provided no bottom fouling due to immobilisation for 14 or more days in port(s) or anchorage(s) Vessel has the liberty of steaming at slow speed or stop/being idle for the purposes of ballast exchange or ballast/deballast of Hold#6 if required. Cost of ballast treatment if required and any loss of speed / time to be for chrtrs a/c
Consumption in port:
-When idle - abt 3.50mt HFO + abt 0.5mt ulsmgo
-When working - abt 7.5 mt HFO + abt 0.5mt ulsmgo
-Boiler – abt 3 mt
-Start/stop : abt 0,5 mt MDO
Any savings in consumption to be to be set off against any reduction in speed, any savings in time to set off against any excess consumption .Likewise any savings in fuel oil to be offset against increased mdo and vice versa.
Fuel Quality
Charterers undertake to supply only fuel and diesel/gasoil complying with current ISO specifications at the time of supply. IFO - 380 Centistoke ISO 8217:2010 (E) RMG35.
MGO - Distillate DMX - ISO 8217:2010 (E) (Sulphur content max 0.1 pct) Same to be free of any-all waste automotive lubricants or other waste chemicals Min FIA/100 20 ECN (IP541) .
Hfo and mgo must be compatible for blending and bunkers purchased/supplied in different lots must be segregated - see also bunker quality clause.
Bunker specifications to conform with any local and/or state and/or international regulations prevailing at any areas, ports and/or places vessel calls/sails.
Holds Cubic Capacities:
H#1 18713.0
H#2 21831.3
H#3 22574.0
H#4 21866.7
H#5 22467.1
H#6 22466.5
H#7 22573.4
H#8 21780.6
H#9 19906.5
TTL 194179.0 cbmtrs
Holds/Hatches: 9 holds/9 hatches,
Hatch covers: TSS Side-rolling system hatch covers, hydraulically operating & automatically cleating
Hatch 1 : 16.50m (L) x 15.47 m (W),
Hatches 2-8 : 20,0 (L) x 15,47 m.(W),
Hatch 9 : 16,50(L) x 15.47(W)
Holds’ tank-top dimensions, excluding lower stools, bulkhead corrugations etc.(abt-wog)
Hold No 1 Length 21.6 m width fwd 11.0m, Width aft 30.0 m.
Hold Nos 2-8 Length 22.0 m, Width 30.80 m
Hold No 9 Length 24.60 m, Width fwd 25.0m, Width aft 12.0 m.
When the vsl calls at port or terminal where required mooring ropes in addition and/or of different specification from what the vessel has onboard same to be supplied and/or hired at chrtrs cost/time.
Tank capacities(excl settling/service tanks)
-HFO : abt 4,050 mt bss 90 pct capacity (S.G 0,98)
-MGO : abt 231.5 mt bss 90 pct capacity (S.G 0.85)
-FW : abt 568 mt
-BALLAST : Light ballast about 53,531 cbm / heavy ballast about 65,538 cbm including ballasting Hold #6
- Constants: abt 650 mts excl. fresh water/un- pumpable ballast.
- Uniform Strengths in mt/sqmtr : ( Homogeneous cargo type loading conditions) Tanktops local strength:
Holds no 1 = 41,85 t/m2
Holds no 2,4,6,8 =24,19 t/m2
Holds no 3,5,7,9 = 41,36 t/m2
No cargo to be loaded/stowed on mdeck and hatch covers.
Other fittings:
-Natural ventilation
-Ausstr holds ladder fitted
-Hold nbr 2,4, 8. can be ballasted in port only.
Vessel’s contact details:
INMC 453835683
VOICE 00-870-773 -242- 502
All details believe correct but given in good faith and without guarantee